Details necessary to register your own Domain Name with Macro.Net
providing Internet Naming services.

Name Servers in order:


  • IP Address:

  • IP Address:


    Indicate that you want to Register and have Technical information from your ISP.

    List yourself as the Registrant, Administrative & Billing contact.

    List as Technical Contact: Domains Macro.Net,, 408.445.1555 or your contact information.



    • Macro.Net will make available an 'empty' web site that is available via the Internet so you can publish your content at will using MS FrontPage or FTP. Logon instructions(FrontPage) will follow shortly.


    • Macro.Net will 'park' Free-of-Charge your Domain Name if you do not intend use this domain name for hosting immediately. Please make your intentions known to


    • For Application Hosting, Macro.Net will provide you with all necessary Application administration instructions.